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Hotels for Sale, Motels for Sale, Resorts for Sale in Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Montana & Wyoming
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Survey for Buyers interested in hotels

This is a two-minute special survey designed to help us learn about your interest and experience with purchasing hotels. We will not share your information with any third party. Your information is kept confidential and used only by us to try to serve you better.

The term "motel" may be substituted wherever "hotel" is used in this survey.

First name

Last name


Email address

Your experience with hotel ownership.
(Check all that apply)
I have never owned a hotel.
I used to own a controlling interest in one or more hotels but do not own any now.
I currently own the controlling interest in one hotel.
I currently own the controlling interest in hotels (please fill in number).
I currently am a partner in one or more hotels.

Your plans to sell hotel(s) during the next 12 months.
(Check all that apply)
I Definitely want to sell 1 or more hotels this year.
I would Consider selling 1 or more hotels this year.
Please call me regarding selling my hotel.
I am in a 1031 situation.

Your plans to purchase hotel(s) during next 12 months.
(Choose one)
0 hotels
1 hotel
2 hotels
3 or more hotels

Your plans to purchase hotel(s) during the next 12 months valued at:
(Check all that apply)
1 to 2 million
2 to 5 million
5 to 10 million
10 million plus

Your primary investment valuation Metric:
(Check all that apply)
Gross Room Multiplier
Cap Rate
Price per Room
Comments: Investment parameters you are seeking in a hotel:

Property types that you will consider:
(Check all that apply)
Interior Corridor
Exterior Corridor
Age of Property 10 years or newer
Age of Property older than 10 years
Full Service (restaurant and bar/lounge)
Limited Service (no restaurant or bar)
Independent hotels
Franchised hotels
Comments: Brands and/or other criteria you prefer

Do you have experience owning/operating a full service hotel?
(Choose one)

Size of property that you will consider.
(Fill in sizes)
Minimum number of rooms
Maximum number of rooms

Amount of capital currently available.

Do you have a preferred region for purchasing hotel assets?
(Check all that apply)
Mid West
North East
South East

Do you have a preferred type of location for purchasing hotel assets?
(Check all that apply)
Major metro area (1 million plus population)
Middle sized cities (25 to 100,000 population)
Rural or small towns (under 25,000 population)
Highway locations
Beach or water front resort areas
Ski winter locations
Within an hour's drive of:

Do you have a preferred type of operations?
(Check all that apply)
In-house management company will operate.
Hire outside management company to operate.
I will oversee my own manager.
I will operate it myself.
I prefer property that has owner/managers quarters.

Thank you for taking our survey. As mentioned prior to your taking the survey, the purpose is for us to better understand how we can help you find the best possible hotel investment, or help you by finding the right purchaser for your property when you decide to sell.